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Crude juice treatment is a strategy for treatment of ailment through a select eating routine of juices of leafy foods. It is otherwise called JUICE FASTING. It is the best method to reestablish wellbeing and revive the body. 

Amid crude juice treatment, the eliminative and purging limit of the organs of end, to be specific lungs, liver, kidneys and the skin, is extraordinarily expanded and masses of gathered metabolic waste and poisons are immediately dispensed with. It bears a physiological rest to the stomach related and assimilative organs. After the juice fasting or crude juice treatment, the assimilation of nourishment and the use of supplements is incomprehensibly made strides. 


Crude juices of foods grown from the ground are to a great degree wealthy in vitamins, minerals, follow 

components, catalysts and regular sugars. They practice useful impact in normalizing all the body capacities. They supply required components for the body's very own recuperating action and cell recovery, along these lines speeding the recuperation. 

The juices removed from crude products of the soil require no processing and all their indispensable supplements are acclimatized specifically in the circulatory system. Crude juices are to a great degree wealthy in soluble components. This is exceptionally useful in normalizing 

corrosive basic equalization in the blood and tissues as there is over-sharpness in many states of sick wellbeing. 

Liberal measures of effectively absorption natural minerals in crude squeezes particularly calcium, potassium and silicon help in reestablishing biochemical and mineral equalization in the tissues and cells, in this manner counteracting untimely maturing of cells and sickness. 

Crude juices contain certain characteristic meds, vegetal hormones and anti-infection agents. For 

case, string beans are said to contain insulin-like substance. Certain hormones 

required by the pancreas to deliver insulin are available in cucumber and onion juices. 

Crisp juices of garlic , onions, radish and tomatoes contain anti-toxin substances. 
The PRECAUTIONS of getting ready RAW JUICE. 

All juices ought to be made new promptly before drinking. Canned and solidified juices ought not be utilized. Just crisp ready leafy foods, ideally naturally developed, ought to be utilized for extraction of juices. 

Just as much squeeze as required for quick utilization ought to be extricated. Crude juices oxidize quickly and lose their restorative incentive away, even under refrigeration. e.g (apples turn dark colored) 

The nature of the juices has a particular bearing on the outcomes acquired. In the event of fragmented extraction of juices, their viable power is proportionately lessened because of the nonappearance of the vitamins and compounds which are deserted in fiber and the mash. 

On the off chance that juices are too sweet they ought to be weakened in water on 50 : 50 premise or blended with different less sweet squeezes. This is particularly critical in some particular conditions, for example, diabetes, hypoglycemia, joint inflammation and hypertension. 

Standards OF RAW JUICES. 

Juices from sweet natural products might be joined with juices of sub-corrosive organic products, however not with vegetable natural products or vegetables. 

Juices from sub-corrosive organic products might be joined with juices of sweet natural products, or corrosive organic products, yet not with different juices. 

Juices from corrosive natural products might be joined with those of sub-corrosive organic products or vegetable natural products, yet not with different juices. 

Juices from vegetable natural products might be joined with those of corrosive organic products or of green verdant vegetables, yet not with different juices. 

Juices from green verdant vegetables might be joined with those of vegetable organic products or of the root vegetable, yet not with different juices. 

Juices from root vegetables might be joined with those of green verdant vegetables, however 

not with different juices.


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