Thursday, October 11, 2018

Natural Herbs That Benefit Women

Natural Herbs That Benefit Women

In traditional Chinese medicine as well as Ayurveda, the healing practices of India, natural herbs play a pivotal role in health and healing. As there are special herbs for male needs, there are also herbs for women that are known to address their unique health needs. In ancient times, herbal remedies were prescribed for a variety of ailments of mind and body and now their use is becoming more prevalent in modern times.
Why Use Natural Herbs?

After doing research on herbal remedies, I became convinced that they are a great alternative to the frequently dangerous drugs doctors prescribe. These drugs, while doing more harm than good with their side effects don’t even cure the diseases they target. Natural herbs on the other hand, help the body to return to balance. Not only do they address the symptoms but they are also curative. And since they are natural, they come with no side effects if taken properly.
What Can Natural Treatments Help With?

Due to the ancient roots of herbal medicine, there are many herbs know to deal with many of the ailments and conditions specific to women, including:

• Pregnancy - During this time there are many emotional and physical strains on a woman and herbs can help ease the stress pregnancy causes.

• Menopause - Although many may see it as a disease to be treated, menopause is considered a natural occurrence from a healers’ stand point and herbal remedies can help ease the discomfort caused by this transition.

• Fertility - For centuries, women have sought natural herbs to help with this and in modern times several herbs are known to actually help enhance fertility.

• Menstruation - Herbs can help greatly in easing the cramps and discomfort caused during this time of the month.

There are other areas in which natural herbal remedies can help a woman safely promote health and well being. When coupled with a healthy diet, exercise, stress relief (perhaps through yoga and meditation), and getting proper sleep, herbal supplements lay a strong foundation.
Which Natural Herbs are Most Effective?

Although a complete list of all the herbal remedies found effective through the centuries would be well beyond the scope of this article, here is a selection of natural herbs that work well as herbal supplements.
Mugwort. Along with being a natural heart and liver tonic, it also helps with regulating the menstrual cycle.
Nettle. A very important herbal supplement, its varied uses include enriching mother’s milk and stimulating the blood flow. It also provides increased amounts of needed iron and other vitamins.
Motherwort. This is a good herbal remedy for women suffering from menstrual irregularities. It can relieve cramps and stress as well as regulate the menstrual cycle.
Raspberry Leaf. As a tea it is a great source of various vitamins and helps the immune system. As an herbal remedy, it promotes a healthy uterus and minimizes the effects of too much bleeding during a pregnant woman’s delivery.
Cramp Bark. Another great natural herb for pregnant women. As a tea it is a relaxant for women at risk of a miscarriage.
Black Cohash. Useful for woman moving into menopause, it helps alleviate depression associated with this transition as well as hot flashes and other symptoms.

Although many would say that relying on natural treatments alone should not be a substitute for conventional medicine, I believe that the time has come for herbal remedies to be allowed to take their place in the curative process. Since they have so many benefits and no harmful side effects, they have proven over the centuries to be extremely reliable.


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