The Natural Cures for Baldness

Hairloss can be genetic or it reflects medical problems which are treatable. The latter include:

1) Low IRON

2) Stress or Infection: Hair Loss and thinning can be seen 6-9 months after any severe stress or infection called "Telogen Effluvium". Hair grows back after 3-9 months after stress resolves.

3) Hormonal Imbalance: Low Thyroid can result in hair loss, if the hair loss is in front of the scalp, the cause could be excess testosterone (men) or too low in estrogen (women)

4) Autoimmune Dysfunction: If spotty bald patches, see dermatologist, this is caused by autoimmune related e.g: alopecia areata

Recommended Supplements:

1) Multi Nutrient powder

2) Iron, take an iron supplement until your ferritin blood test is over 100ng/ml

3) Biotin, can help strong hair or nails.

4) Saw palmetto for hair loss in front of the scalp for men

5) Minoxadil (rogaine) is sometimes modestly effective for localized hair loss, at a high cost but reasonably safe.


4 Responses to “The Natural Cures for Baldness”

herbalnatural said...
5:50 PM

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3:37 PM

Nice Blog! I was rather unconvinced at first thinking that this herbal shampoo was not going to work - however, from the first 4-5 months - what an improvement! Now 8 months on I can still see results, my confidence has grown so much. thanks to iht9 shampoo.

mike said...
11:41 PM

The best cure of all is not to drink alcohol> Well perhaps in moderation!

Awilda said...
7:01 PM

Hair Loss is a big loss. reasons are lot. I too fed up with this. One day, I met to an old college friend. I didn't recognize him at first, he looked so much younger and healthier than when I last saw him. Surprisingly he told me that he only used some herbal based products !!