Natural way to loose 10 pounds in a week

These are the 8 steps that can help you to loose 10 pounds in a week. It may look easy, but can you really do it?

1) Detoxing your body - Drink Lemon juice, ginger and honey mixed with water or acai berry, blueberries or cranberries to detox your body.

2) Change your rule of eating. Reduce the Carbohidrates and any fried food.

3) Take more fruits such as apples and oranges.

4) Instead of munching on junk food, replace it with beans.

5) Dont skip your breakfast nor delay your eating schedule.

6) Have a smaller meal but frequent intake, so you wont go hungry.

7) Drink a lot of plain water

8) Keep yourself busy, and so you dont really think much about eating more than you have to.

Oh ya, dont forget to exercise.


7 Responses to “Natural way to loose 10 pounds in a week”

steve said...
3:01 PM

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Herina said...
2:06 PM

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Gemma said...
6:56 PM

A very enlightening post. If you want a healthy lifestyle, you must also take in simple, healthy foods. Home remedies and traditional medicine can be found in a lot of simple foods combined with herbs and spices.

Jane Clemson said...
12:04 AM

This is definitely the way to go, no diet pills, no fads, just the good o'l taking care of your body and not eating too much... *self control required* however. if only people had more of that!

9:07 PM

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