Natural Cures for Dry Lips

Lips are more sensitive to chapping than the skin because, unlike the skin, lips do not produce oils to protect them against drying. So when the weather is dry, cold, or windy the lips get cracked.

1) Water is one of the most beneficial ways of treating chapped lips. Remember, less water intake causes dryness in both skin and the lips. So, the best bet would be to keep the body well-hydrated

2) Smear olive oil on lips

3) Do not put Vaseline on lips it will make them more dry.

4) Smear unsalted butter to lips

5) Aloe Vera will do good in repairing the chapped lips

6) Smear some honey will also do good

7) Apply some fresh orange juice drops on the afflicted area of the lips (might sting).

8) Slice a cucumber and rub the chapped lips with a slice.

9) Milk cream has proved to be valuable in treating dry chapped lips. It would remove the dry skin and also make the lips smooth.

10) Wrong food habits sometimes are the main cause for cracked and chapped lips. Increase in the consumption of foods rich in vitamin A such as carrots, green leafy vegetables and tomatoes, legumes, whole grains and nutritional yeast.

11) Lastly, do not wet your lips with saliva. Believe it or not, it not only makes the lips dark in color, but also makes it lose the moisture.



4 Responses to “Natural Cures for Dry Lips”

DiaAnE said...
5:49 PM

so many tips.. which one is the best???

Noor Ashraaf said...
12:29 PM

Choose as you like, easy for you to find.

I myself prefer olive oil

4:54 AM

I love your blog! My lips are always dry. I will try some of these for sure.

feemi said...
6:12 PM
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