Quit Smoking by Proper Food Diet

Here is 6 ways to quit smoking:

1) Start by seriously thinking about quitting, then set a Quit Date.
- You yourself must motivate your own self!

2) Save the money you would have spent on cigarettes
- You will be surprise how much you have save in a month, then a year, then your future!

3) Remind yourself the benefits of stop smoking:
- Reduced risk of heart attack, cancer, and stroke
- Feeling more in control of your life
- Better smelling hair, breath, clothes, house, and car
- More stamina when walking or exercising
- Less coughing, colds, and flu

4) Avoid places or activities that encourage smoking

5) Do some deep breathing.

6) Reward yourself for achieving your goal
- Buy yourself a gift from the money that you have saved from buying cigaretts

Here is 6 tips for proper diet to stop smoking:

A Duke University study shows that fruits, vegetables, and dairy foods make cigarettes taste terrible. But meat, coffee, and alcoholic beverages make smoking much tastier. So eat more fruits, vegetables and milk products!

1) Eat Celery and carrots sticks with low fat ranch dressing for dipping makes a good snack. 

2) Take some Fresh fruit, such as pineapple cunks, berries and melons.

3) Have a cup of tea everyday!

4) Drink plenty of water!

5) Take a multi-vitamin.

6) Avoid Junk Food!



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natashaclarck said...
5:38 PM

If you decide to quit smoking there are many natural ways like eating plenty of vegetables, fruits, whole grain cereals and pasta, exercise, get enough sleep and water, take a multi-vitamin, and avoid a lot of fats.
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