Loss weight with Lime Juice

Lime, bearing the scientific name Citrus Aurantifolia, is being used for ages for treatment of various ailments.Limes are often used to accent the flavors of foods and beverages. They are usually smaller than lemons, and a great source of vitamin C.

Lime Natural Cures

Scurvy: Lime is so famous as a cure for scurvy, the disease which is caused due to deficiency of vitamin-C and characterized by frequent infections with cough and cold; cracked lips and lip corners; ulcers in tongue and mouth; spongy, swollen and bleeding gums.

Digestion: Lime has an irresistible scent which waters the mouth and thus aid primary digestion. The Flavonoids, the compounds found in the fragrant oils extracted from lime, stimulate the digestive system and increase secretion of digestive juices, bile and acids and also stimulate the peristaltic motion. This is the reason behind having lemon pickle with lunch and dinner is an age old practice in India and some of its neighboring countries.

Constipation: Primarily, the ample of acids present in lime helps clear the excretory system by washing and cleaning off the tracts, just like some acids are used to clean floor and toilets. Then the roughage in it is also helpful in easing constipation. But it is mainly due to high acids. An overdose of lime juice with salt also acts as an excellent purgative without any side effects, thereby giving relief in constipation.

Peptic Ulcer: In addition to vitamin-C, lime contains special compounds called Flavonoids (Limonoids such as Limonin Glucoside) which have anti oxidant, anti carcinogenic, anti biotic and detoxifying properties which help healing of peptic and oral ulcers.

Respiratory Disorders: Just scratching the peel of a lime and inhaling it gives immediate relief in congestion and nausea.

Gout: Lime can help to clear the accumulation of free radicals and toxins, primarily uric acid. 

Gums: Its vitamin-C cures scurvy, Flavonoids inhibit microbial growth and potassium and Flavonoids help heal ulcers and wounds.

Eye Care: Vitamin-C again! Its anti oxidant properties protect eyes from aging and macular degeneration. Flavonoids help protect them from infections.

Piles: Since lime helps heal up ulcers and wounds in the digestive system and excretory system and gives relief from constipation too, it eradicates all the root causes of piles.

Weight Loss: A glass of warm water with a full-lime juice in it is an excellent weight reducer as well as a brilliant refresher and anti oxidant drink. The citric acid present in lime is an excellent fat burner. Just have two glasses a day and see the remarkable result within a week.

Skin Care: Lime juice and its oil are very beneficial for skin when consumed orally or applied externally. It rejuvenates the skin, keeps it shining, protects it from infections and reduces body odor due to presence of a large amount of vitamin-C and Flavonoids, both of which are class-1 anti oxidants, anti biotic and disinfectants. When applied externally on skin, its acids scrub out the dead cells, cures dandruff, rashes, bruises etc. and gives you a refreshing bath if its juice or oil is mixed into your bathing water.

Urinary Disorders: The high potassium content of limes is very effective in removal of the toxic substances and the precipitates deposited in kidneys, urinary bladder and its disinfectant properties help cure infections in the urinary system. It also stops prostrate growth (very common in males above 40) and clears blockage of urine due to deposition of calcium in the urinary tract.

Other Benefits: It is a good appetizer and digestive. It helps cure arthritis, rheumatism, prostrate and colon cancer, cholera, arteriosclerosis, diabetes, fatigue, heart diseases and even very high fever (in contrary to popular belief). 

The best part of it is that it has no side effects!



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anna said...
5:01 PM

Honey and Lime: lime juice and honey is a good combination to fight obesity. Mix the lime juice, a teaspoon of honey and a glass of warm water at regular intervals. This juice to prevent loss of appetite for energy. Fasting lime juice and honey is a very effective weight loss of energy and appetite. On an empty stomach in the morning, drink a glass of warm water mixed with lime juice, and half a teaspoon of honey. This is a very safe and effective home remedy for losing weight.


Andykid said...
8:03 PM

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JerryJ said...
11:40 PM

Lemon & lime juices recommend them or citrus fruits in the initial stages. However you have lost so much and are so close to your goal that you can afford to add fruits in many forms. Be sure to count the carbs because even plain citrus is pretty high in sugars.

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feemi said...
6:39 PM
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paul said...
2:55 PM

Always eat natural food such as lime to maintain your overall health. Thanks a lot for that information.

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aristip said...
4:21 PM

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friedrich308 said...
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D. More said...
8:25 AM

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