Drinking cold water after meals is not good for health

Our body is made up from 55% to 78% of water. Not drinking enough water will leave you under-hydrated or even dehydrated. The body needs 6-7 glass of water per day to avoid dehydration.

Drinking cold water after a meal can be quite uncomfortable and eve painful in some cases, and so should be avoided. Cold water can change the state of food that you have eaten and can react with them making it harder to digest for an example butter or cheeses can become solid again in the stomach. This can cause indigestions and may lead to other complications.

Other than that, it can also cause discomfort by slowing down the stomach emptying process and this may lead to cause bloating and sense of food stuck in the stomach.

Frequent Flatulence may occur as food chunks are not digested properly by the stomach, and excess gas reacted from the gastric juice will burst at an uncontrollable rate.

Drinking cold water is also not good for patients with irritable bowel syndrome as it may aggravate their symptoms. This also goes to Athma patients, as it may cause prolonged attacks.

Drinking cold water can also cause pain to those who have sensitive teeth or suffer from headaches and migrains.

Good Digestion Tips

Increase dietary fiber by eating fruits
Drink enough water
Always chew your food

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