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I have searched across the internet to find if there is active Alternative Medicine Forum. One of the best forum discussing and focusing about Alternative Medicine is The Natural Medicine Talk.

This forum is definitely a forum for all! It has a good number of interesting and focused topics. The Natural Medicine content really reflect the interests of the target audience, and made to have well-written and informative content that is updated regularly.

This Alternative Medicine Forum is powered by VBulletin. Its High activity forums, like popular posts, provide a great reason for Search Engines to visit them frequently as they are brimming with fresh content all the while.

By today, it is still new with and have more than 1,000 threads, 7,000 posts and more than 400 members ranging from students, lecturers, doctors, patients and all types of people.

The forum have 3 main categories which is Medical Science, Diseases and Community. Each Categories have many intresting topics, e.g Medical Science discusses more to General Health and Nutritions, Diseases focuses on cancer and diabetes and Community section let the members interacts together by posting suggestions and feedback or just chat.

Here are some the hot topics i found on the page:

For Alternative Medicine, is the discussion about Alpha Brain Wave Requirement. This Alternative Medicine discusses when a person is in alpha, one can work using techniques like visualization or affirmations to effect various goals, a partial list including:

- health improvement
- pain control
- body healing
- mind healing
- habit forming or breaking
- superlearning or supermemory
- decision making

Other Alternative Medicine Discussions are Yoga, Silva, Superlearning, Hypnosis and many more.

For Natural Medicine, these are some of the hot topics you should read:

- Green Tea Extract Helps Prevent Colds and Flu
- New Technology-Blueberries...Strongest Antioxidant Effect
- Improving Memory with nutrition
- Mother's Milk - A Prostate Cancer Fighter?
- Vitamin C and E can improve arterial stiffness

Thats not all, in its member list section you can easily contact any members by private messaging for personal health questions or just sharing experience with them. This forum also is a good website for bloggers, websites to promote their Natural Medicine and Alternative Medicine services and products or just simply promotes their blogs or websites.

So lets Visit Natural Medicine Talk at

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