Intresting Herbal Properties of Feverfew

Feverfew ( Tanacetum parthenium ), a member of the sunflower family may prevent migrains, research shows that it can help by reducing the secretion of hormone serotonin, which is thought to cause the migrain attacks.

It is also used to alleviate pain related to menstrual cramping, arthritis,treating headaches,digestive problems and is believed to increase appetite and cure asthma. Feverfew contains nutrients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, niacin, and Iron. Recently, feverfew has been used by a popular natural skincare brand to calm red and irritated skin.

How to use this herb?

Fresh leaves are the best, but stop taking it if mouth ulcers appear. There is also in tablet form, but make sure the parthenolide content is high. Benefits may take some month to show.

However, feverfew does not seem to affect migraines that have already started. Researchers used to think that a single compound found in feverfew was what helped migraine prevention.

Overall, these studies suggest that feverfew taken daily as dried leaf capsules may reduce the incidence of attacks in patients who experience long-term migraine headaches.

Source - Wiki, Natural Herbs Guide

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