Crystal Therapy

Among the many GEMSTONES, said to possess healing energy are :

TOPAZ - For High Blood Pressure
ROSE QUARTZ - For Stress
GARNET - For Depression


How to use this Chrystal Therapy?

Some practitioners use in conjunction with theories such as CHAKRAS, ACUPOINTS or AURAS.

They often work by holding a crystal in one hand and place it to the part of body that requires healing or on CHAKRA or ACUPOINT sites on the body.

You may asked to visualize healing energy channeling through the crystals or be given to wear the crystal around neck, place in your room, or to carry it.

In Medical OPINION, there is no scientific evidence, and diverse philosophies under lying the use of crystal, however a patients' belief may help speed recovery due to PLACEBO response.

Crystal particularly Quartz crystals such as Amethyst and Rose Quartz are believed to posses healing "life energy", storing and discharging rather like a Battery.


How do crystals heal?

In order to understand how crystals are effective in therapy, we need to remember that:

a) the human body is made up of energy fields (subtle bodies) and energy centres (chakras). The physical body (although made up of energy) appears solid to us while the aura and the outer bodies are light and fluid.

b) crystals emit different vibrations which affect the energy flow. Diagram 1 shows the generally accepted energy fields that surround the human body.

These electro-magnetic fields encircling the body are referred to as the human aura. With the help of Kirlian photography it is now possible for everyone to "see" the human aura in all its glorious colours.
The concept of the chakra system in the human energy field has its origins in Hindu teaching, where there has always been great awareness of the energy centres in the human form. There are seven major chakras (energy centres). Each chakra has a direct effect on specific glands and functions in the physical body. Diagram 2 shows the position of the major chakras.
‘Chakras can be thought of as dynamos, i.e. dynamic centres through which energy is distributed, with the capacity for transmission as well as for reception’.2 Each chakra has its own vibrational rate and colour which has an effect upon the physical body as well as the aura. The brightness or dimness of the aura is indicative of the state of well being within the individual. --- source =

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